SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — The 100 Club donated 400 washdown kits to local fire departments to help prevent job-related cancer. 

The Scottsdale, Tempe and Chandler fire departments are also joining the 100 Club in putting together and handing out the kits to fire departments and agencies throughout central Arizona.

The kits include an adapter for the fire truck, hose, dish soap, scrub brush and storage bucket. 

Firefighters will use the washdown kits right after a fire, before getting back in the fire truck and returning to the station. Research from the University of Arizona shows using these kits immediately after a fire can help reduce cancer causing contaminants by up to 80 percent. 

Firefighter Washdown Kits
Jen Wahl

Just last week, lawmakers shaved their heads to push for firefighter health benefits and support firefighters already battling cancer

There is a new piece of legislation, introduced Tuesday at the state capitol, that is drawing support from both sides. It would make it harder for insurance companies to deny cancer claims.

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This latest effort is so important because cancer is now the number one cause of death for firefighters. In 2019, 22 Valley crew members were diagnosed with cancer. Four firefighters passed away after battling the disease. 

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The doctor who gave the diagnoses is seeing a common theme. He says firefighters are getting more aggressive cancers at a younger age.

Each kit costs about $80. If you'd like to help donate, ext 100 Club to 243725.

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