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Rising temps this week

High pressure will be building back up in State 48.

ARIZONA, USA — The start of the workweek will be almost ten degrees cooler than how we end up finishing it off.

As high pressure slides into our state and strengthens throughout the week, you’ll notice the mercury making it higher and higher in the thermometer.

Thursday could end up being the hottest day of the year yet for some locations, including Phoenix.

Sunshine will continue to be the sky story.

Breezy afternoon winds and very dry conditions will create an elevated fire weather threat early in the workweek and critical fire weather concerns at the end of the workweek.

Our ridge of high pressure will begin giving in on Friday, stirring up stronger southwest winds and over the holiday weekend, dialing down temperatures closer to daily averages for this time of year.

Please make sure you are following all fire restrictions this Memorial Day weekend.

Credit: 12 News

MONDAY: 70/97 Mostly Sunny & Windy

TUESDAY: 72/100 Sunny & Windy 

WEDNESDAY: 74/103 Sunny & Breezy

THURSDAY: 76/106 Sunny, Breezy & Hotter 

FRIDAY: 77/105 Mostly Sunny & Windy

SATURDAY: 76/103 Sunny & Windy 

SUNDAY: 75/102 Sunny & Breezy

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