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'A semi just went through my house': 911 calls reveal moments after New Year's Eve crash

The semi-truck crashed into an East Valley home with 10 people inside. One man died from his injuries.

MESA, Ariz. — Todd Welliver was supposed to get married. 

The 50-year-old was spending New Year's Eve with friends and fiancee, Ginger McDonald, when a semi-truck tore through an east Mesa home. 

"In the blink of an eye, he was gone," McDonald said.

"911, please, a semi just went through my house. I don’t know if somebody is hurt," was what the caller said on the night of the accident, as she searched for other survivors of the crash. 

A woman can be heard asking where her babies were and where Welliver was amidst the confusion and chaos. 

911 calls and an investigative report obtained by 12 News shed more light on what happened. 

The driver, Daniel Toban, was coming from California and driving a Volvo semi truck to Houston. Witnesses and 911 calls reported seeing the truck sway dangerously between lanes. 

The investigation found the semi-truck was going east on U.S. 60 and was exiting at Crismon Road when it failed to stop. It continued east through the intersection and into the home, officials said. 

"A semi-truck just went through someone’s house." A 911 caller told dispatch. 

The people in the house feverishly searched for each other to make sure they were alright. The call captured the moment they found Welliver.

"Todd is over here. Are you OK? Don’t move, don’t move, don’t move," The caller pleads. "He can’t breathe. He can't breathe. Please talk to me."

Welliver died from his injuries at a nearby hospital. 

"He was an awesome guy, he touched everybody, he was so laid back and easy-going. He'd do anything for anybody," Charlette Smith said. 

But how did the crash come to a tragic end? 

The police report of the accident says that Toban likely had a medical emergency, causing his loss of control. There have been no arrests. 

According to the report, Toban said he has Type 2 diabetes. After the accident, Toban became unresponsive as police questioned him. A blood sugar test revealed Toban's blood sugar was at a level of 60, which can be a concerning level. The report indicated Toban was pale and had tremors. 

Police stated there were no signs of alcohol impairment.