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Robbie Ray just won the AL Cy Young Award and D-backs fans can't catch a break

Robbie Ray is the 2021 American League Cy Young winner. One of many recent former D-backs pitchers to find success after leaving Arizona.
Credit: AP
Toronto Blue Jays starting pitcher Robbie Ray throws a pitch to the Baltimore Orioles during the third inning of a baseball game, Friday, Sept. 10, 2021, in Baltimore. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

PHOENIX — We've all been there before. Fresh off a tough breakup, we spend countless hours sifting through old social media posts and photos, reminiscing on the good ol' days before everything went wrong.

Then suddenly, you're scrolling across your news feed and in shock by what you see. It's a new photo of your ex. Not only are they living their best life without you, but they're also thriving. 

Their smile can't hide their success now that they left for greener pastures. And just when you thought you moved on, you're sucker punched and fall back into despair.

Welcome to the life of an Arizona Diamondbacks fan. And this is the photo that has D-backs fans reeling.

Yup, that's right. Another former D-backs pitcher has found success after leaving Arizona and won a Cy Young Award. Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Robbie Ray is just the latest heartbreak in a recurring nightmare for fans.

The latest Cy Young winner joins former D-backs pitchers Trevor Bauer (2020) and Max Scherzer (2013, 2016, 2017) as pitchers who ended up finding more success outside the Grand Canyon State.

Seeing the accolades these pitchers receive is a tough pill for D-backs fans to swallow. Nowadays, many fans are left with just a daydream, imaging what a rotation of Ray, Scherzer, Bauer and others could have accomplished. With the numbers they have put up recently, it's difficult to imagine what Arizona missed out on.

As they say, time heals all wounds. But for now, Ray's latest accomplishment opens an all too familiar hole in the heart of D-backs fans.

And no amount of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and streams of "Love Actually" will ever fill it.

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