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Arizona House approves ban on close-in videotaping of police officers

Wednesday's 31-28 vote sends a bill over to the Arizona Senate that prohibits citizens from recording police encounters within an 8-foot distance.

PHOENIX — Editor's Note: The above video is from an earlier broadcast.

The Arizona House has voted to make it illegal to take photos or video recordings of police officers in some circumstances. 

Wednesday's 31-28 party-line vote came after the Republican sponsor changed his proposal to address concerns it would be unconstitutional.

Rep. John Kavanagh's initial proposal made it illegal to record within 15 feet of an officer interacting with someone unless the officer gave permission. 

The revised bill lowers the distance to 8 feet to address constitutional concerns. 

Democratic Rep. Reginald Bolding said it does not help minority communities who are fearful of police to ban them from recording on their cellphones.

Kavanagh's bill makes a violation a petty offense, the lowest-level Arizona crime that can bring a fine but no jail time. Refusing to stop recording when an officer orders it would be a low-level misdemeanor subject to a 30-day jail sentence.

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