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Legal marijuana means a new type of festival is coming soon to Arizona

Less than a year after recreational weed was legalized, Arizona will see a new type of festival coming soon.

PHOENIX — Organizers of one of Arizona's first marijuana festivals are expecting thousands of people to descend to Camp Verde for Errl Camp, which is billed as a "Medicated Camping Festival."

The event is promoted as a weekend of cannabis, camping, music, and friends.

Errl Camp is not alone. There are multiple festivals scheduled over the coming months mixing legalized recreational marijuana with celebration.

"It’s coming into the mainstream, and we want everybody to be part of it," Jason Johnson said. 

Johnson is helping put on Cannival. It's a festival scheduled for February that aims to mix cannabis with the annual tradition of Carnival. 

The idea is the brainchild of Johnson and David Fowler, the executive director of Arizona's Cannabis Industry Trade Association. 

"We have stiltwalkers and fire breathers and samba dancers and a luchador ring," Johnson said. 

Johnson said the event will be to raise awareness and promote products like MjM. Johnson said MjM has an app to help cannabis users wherever they go. 

It also provides information on everything from laws in a local area to cannabis-friendly music acts. 

The event is set for February 26, and the group hopes to have more than 10,000 people attend. 

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But is this legal?

The short answer is yes. However, those putting on the events have plenty of legal hurdles to cross. 

Johnson said they had to get the proper clearance from the city and law enforcement. They will also have to follow strict rules on what is and is not allowed. 

For example, no cannabis can be sold at the event. However, they said samples can be provided.  

“We have strict rules and guidelines, and we are looking to do it right the first time so we can do many more of them," Johnson said.

Some of these events are not new. Errl Cup, which is putting on an event on Sept. 25 and 26, has been hosting events for years. However, with the legalization of recreational marijuana, these events are expected to grow.

Legal marijuana in Arizona

The approval of recreational marijuana across Arizona has made a major economic impact on the state. Keep up with the latest information on YouTube.

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