More details have come out following the arrest of former Arizona Cardinal Darius Philon. 

Philon, 25, is facing an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge stemming from a May incident outside a Phoenix strip club. 

According to court documents, Philon, a female friend and a business associate went to the VLive Club on May 17. 

Around 2 a.m., the trio walked out to the parking lot with a dancer and her female coworker. The report says the women were lured out to the parking lot with the promise of money.

The female friend and the business associate got into the car they all came in together. Philon stayed outside the car with the two women court docs say.

According to court documents, the dancer told police Philon pulled a gun from the car and pointed it at her chest. She said he asked which one of them wanted a bullet. 

The victim told him to put the gun down and he did, but then he pointed it at her again, according to police. At that point, the two women walked back into the club. 

The victim reportedly didn't call the police that night because she was scared. She admitted she was later offered money for her silence. And it wasn't until the FBI contacted her and said she was the subject of an extortion investigation that she reported it to authorities. 

The victim told police Philon returned to the club the night after the incident and the night after that. He reportedly grabbed the victim and tried to get her to leave with him "because they needed to make this right".

The woman's coworker confirmed her story to police, court docs say.

Philon's business associate claimed he didn't see a gun in the car and didn't know anything about a gun being in the car. He didn't see Philon with a gun, according to the police report. The business associate told police he was focused on his phone. 

Investigators have not been able to reach the female friend. 

Surveillance video appears to show Philon bending down into the car and popping back up. It shows him extending his arm toward the woman who then abruptly leans backs, according to the police. 

Philon admitted to police he owned a black .40 caliber gun, but he did not have it with him at the club.

He admitted he went back to the club, but he said he hugged the victim and he did not grab her. 

According to investigators, Philon repeatedly said the whole situation is over money. 

Philon made his initial appearance in court Saturday morning. The judge ordered a $5,000 secured appearance bond.

Soon after his court appearance Philon was released from the team.

Philon signed a two-year, $10 million deal with the Cardinals in the offseason after four seasons with the Los Angeles Chargers.

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