AVONDALE, Ariz — Police arrested a man in Avondale who was allegedly pointing a green laser at a police helicopter that was investigating an unrelated robbery in the area last Friday.

Court documents say Davonte Jamerson, 27, shined the green light into the cockpit of the helicopter while it was over a residential burglary scene near Buckeye Road and 99th Avenue.

Every time the helicopter turned to the east, the light would illuminate the cockpit.

Court docs say the helicopter turned to the light and found it was coming from a residence on 114th Lane. 

Police found Jamerson, who said in his interview with police that he was outside his home pointing the laser into the sky, but did not know there was a police aircraft in the air. 

Police say multiple witnesses say they saw Jamerson outside the home point the laser at the helicopter.

Jamerson had a valid warrant out of Avondale as well. He was booked into jail and faces two felony charges of aggravated assault against an officer and one misdemeanor count of point a laser at a peace officer.  

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