As the calendar turns to March, baseball fans flock to the Valley to see their favorite MLB baseball team prepare for the upcoming season during spring training.

The games draw record crowds throughout the month as fans of all ilks make their way to the ballpark.

And you don't necessarily need to be a fan of baseball to enjoy spring training. There's a little something for everyone.

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But if you do head out to the stadium this month, you may see a diverse crowd in the stands.

Here are the five types of people you see at spring training games.

Workday wanderers

You will normally find a few of these people scattered around the ballpark. Oftentimes they’ll be in a dress suit and slacks. What probably started out as a normal workday ended up being an impromptu "staff meeting” at the stadium.

But those alcoholic beverages are not a work expense.

Signature seekers

Clutching a bag full of baseballs and folders full of cards and photos, these fans rush to line up down either foul line, hoping to snag autographs of their favorite players.

After the game, you can also find them scoping out the parking lots looking for one last chance to grab a signature.


Lawn loungers

The outfield lawn at any spring training game is covered with blankets and lounging chairs as fans flock to the lawn to catch some rays. And even if they’re into the game or not, the day is considered a success if they leave the ballpark with a decent tan.

Diamond diehards

Whether you’re a fan of the D-backs or the Indians, every team has a die hard group of fans. If you find yourself at a game, you’ll identify these fans by the number of clothing items that have their team’s logo.

Also, any accessories like posters and flags are a dead giveaway too.


Road-trip revelers

Since so many teams from out-of-state attend spring training, many of their fans flock to Arizona to attend a few games. If you’re from back east, the beautiful weather and incredible views are a great excuse to experience the Grand Canyon State.

If their license plates aren’t a clue, most of the time you’ll find these fans in T-shirts and shorts. Because who are we kidding, fellow Phoenicians? Even though it’s sunny and 60 degrees, it still might be a little too cool for our warm blood.

So, like the variety of teams visiting the Valley, you’ll also see all kinds of fans taking in America’s pastime.

Which group would you fall in to? Did we miss a group?

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