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'I’m not a rude person': Man living in Chandler park gets strong response to his Nextdoor post

Ryan Keller recently posted on Nextdoor, informing Chandler residents that he's been staying at Desert Breeze Park after losing his job.

CHANDLER, Ariz. — Ryan Keller doesn't really use the Nextdoor app. 

He did once, just to try and find some work around the neighborhood.

"I found a little bit of work on there but you know, it never really got any attention," Keller said.

Aside from that, there was no reason to use Nextdoor. Keller doesn’t even have a door.

Keller is homeless. He said he broke up with his partner and had nowhere else to go. He lost his job and found Desert Breeze Park in Chandler. He tries to keep his area clean and not bother anyone. 

Sometimes the police are called on him. Sometimes he gets looks.

“It's not that I enjoy living here," Keller said. "It's nicer but it's not home, you know."

The other day Keller decided to break out the Nextdoor app again, and talk to his neighbors. 

"I’m the guy you see every day if you go to the park," he wrote. "I’m not a rude person."

"This park has become my home and it’s also all of yours too," he continued. 

"I’m human, I'm just homeless."

“Nobody ever really comes up and talks to me," Keller said. "And I wanted to let everyone know, like, hey, I'm willing to say 'Hi' and work with you."

Instead of being ignored, the post picked up speed on the app. There were more than a hundred replies to his post, the majority of them supportive. 

And Keller said that post has led to an unexpected benefit. A homeless advocacy group reached out to him, trying to find him a place to stay.

A little note to his neighbors may end up actually giving him neighbors. 



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