MESA, Ariz — One of two chihuahuas who came to the county shelter covered in cactus spines has a new forever home. 

A woman found the dogs on Monday in Mesa near Ellsworth Road and University Drive covered head to toe in cactus spines.

The chihuahuas were taken to a veterinarian clinic with Maricopa County Animal Care and Control and had to be put under anesthesia to get the cactus spines removed. 

Chihuahua dogs covered from head to toe with cactus spines
Rural Metro Fire

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MCACC since named the dynamic duo Prickly and Pear.

The two have a special bond. They were strays, but they had each other. 

"Most likely they were together wherever they came from, so I think these two have probably been together for a while," said Dr. Nancy Mayer, a veterinarian at MCACC. 

Shortly after she got spayed, Pear is now with loving new owners. 

Goodyear resident Summer Bishop said she saw the dogs on 12 News and decided to bring one of them home. 

"It was heartbreaking. They just needed a good home to go to and somebody to love them," she said. 

cactus dog pear adopted
Summer Bishop and Pear the dog
12 News

Bishop said Pear – who she's renaming Taquito – will help fill the hole left in her heart when her dog Beans passed away.

"When we saw [Taquito] on the news, I had to have her. She reminded me of my little Beanie," she said. 

Prickly is still up for adoption. And Dr. Mayer wants you to know that despite the name, he's a good dog too. 

"He's not skittish. He doesn't run and hide. He also seems to be a cuddler," she said. 

There's one thing, though: Prickly still needs to be neutered. 

If you're interested in adopting him, contact MCACC during business hours. 

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