As we're continuing to see more snowfall in unexpected areas around the country, we started wondering: What would snow in Phoenix be like?

According to the National Weather Service, Phoenix has only seen measurable snow seven times in recorded history.

The most recent instance of measurable snow was Dec. 21-22, 1990, when 0.4 inches were recorded in the city. Sky Harbor also recorded trace amounts of snow Dec. 6, 1998, and snow fell on much of the northwest Valley, according to NWS.

The most snow we've ever seen in the city of Phoenix was an inch, twice -- on Jan. 20, 1933 and Jan. 21, 1937.

The National Weather Service reported that in the 1937 snowstorm, up to four inches of snow were reported elsewhere in the Phoenix area.

Other instances of snow measured in Phoenix are: 0.5 inches on Feb. 2, 1939, 0.2 inches on March 12, 1917 and 0.1 inches on both Dec. 11, 1985 and Nov. 28, 1919.

Of course, our friends up north in the High Country laugh at an inch of snow, but in Phoenix, it would likely shut down the city -- it's doubtful the city has resources to deal with even just an inch.