GLENDALE, Ariz. – The Arizona Coyotes look to be skating on some thin ice this season.

The organization is at the center of two investigations by the National Labor Relations Board, according to the Arizona Republic's investigation published yesterday.

The complaints allege that the coyotes spied on employees, threatened them when they tried to unionize, did not pay them properly and retaliated against those who came forward.

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The first complaint to the National Labor Relations Board was back in October of 2016, one of the issues was proper pay for employees.

The Coyotes and the employee reached a private agreement in February of this year.

The second complaint was filed over the summer in June by a ticket sales worker, James Whitener, who says he worked overtime without compensation and that the team purposefully avoided having to pay him.

The Coyotes deny the allegations.

"We have worked hard to create an excellent workplace culture for more than 100 employees," Ahron Cohen, the team's chief operating officer, told the Republic. "We are proud of that culture, which is based on respect and fair treatment for all employees. Any allegations to the contrary are not true."