It was a memorable moment for four patients that were flown from Chicago to participate in spring training activities with the Chicago Cubs in Mesa.

"These four children basically have different medical issues, from cancer to heart issues, and this is a great time away from the hospital," said Dr. Frank Belmonte, the chief medical officer at Advocate Children’s Hospital in Chicago.

This is the second time that Advocate Children's Hospital, based in Chicago, has brought patients to hang out with the Cubs during Spring Training.

"When spring training comes up, I see as a new opportunity to see the faces with the Cubs and see who is going to be a good prospect," said Zach.

Zach, who is 17 years old and one of the four chosen patients, is facing bone cancer and recently had an above-the-knee- amputation. He doesn't let his situation keep his spirits down at all.

"I still see myself as Zach before the cancer and Zach before the amputation as if nothing changed," he said.

Zach's mother, Donna Potts, says being a part of spring training is another positive outlet for her family and Zach to step back and reenergize.

"You get so embedded in the treatment sometimes and you are overwhelmed with all the medical details that sometimes you have to step back, " said Donna.

The patients, friends and family members had the chance to meet some of the Cubs players, and give them high-fives.

The hospital patients, including Zach, had the awesome chance to also sign a one-day contract with the team.

"Life isn't necessarily always going to go your way, and you are just going to have to roll with the punches and I've kind of lived with that as is," said Zach.

Zach probably reminds many that no matter the situation you are in, life may set you back a tad bit, but you must keep striving for the best.

Dr. Frank Belmonte from Advocate Children's Hospital mentioned how he hopes that maybe Phoenix Children's Hospital could join on in with the fun soon.

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