SUPERIOR, Ariz. — A now former Superior police sergeant was fired earlier this year after he was seen on a department-issued police body camera having sex with a woman in his office.

The video shows Anthony Doran turn on his body camera and angle it toward himself. In the video, Doran is wearing his police uniform sitting at a desk showing a woman sitting on his lap.

A report from the Pinal County Sheriff's Office reveals the video was saved in a folder on Doran's desktop titled "Fun Time." That folder contained 36GB of more pornographic videos as well as nude photos Doran appeared to take of himself.

Investigators also discovered naked pictures of an underage girl in the same folder. The sergeant viewing the images as part of the investigation wrote in his report, "The images and the fact they were intersected with pictures of sexual situations caused me to physically react with shaking hands and upset stomach."

PCSO later discovered the images are of Doran's daughter. The Pinal County Attorney's Office did not charge Doran with a crime, but PCSO's report concluded by saying, "There is suspicion that some grooming behavior may be present."

The Superior Police Department tells 12 News Doran was fired in April of this year and is declining to comment any further.

12 News learned Doran previously worked for the Pima County Sheriff's Department, which also conducted an internal investigation. In that case, Doran was accused of having inappropriate contact with a woman while on duty in his patrol car. Doran's peace officer certification was then suspended for six months in July of 2013.