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Phoenix's Justa Center serves thousands of homeless seniors every year

The Justa Center served more than 60,000 homeless seniors in 2016. It is located near 10th Ave. and Jefferson in Phoenix.

PHOENIX - The nation’s only resource center for homeless seniors is located right here in Phoenix. Through the help of volunteers and a limited staff, they help these folks find housing, VA benefits, jobs and more.

Around 130 seniors visit the Justa Center every single day. Right in the heart of Phoenix, they come here to get back on their feet.

About half of the visitors are veterans and more than 40 percent are women like Delores Johnson. Justa Center helped her find a job and now she’s looking for a permanent home.

“Justa is my family, I love everybody," Johnson said. "They’re very nice and very helpful.”

The center offers endless benefits like food, showers, healthcare, a mail room and job placement.

There were more than 60,000 visitors at the Justa Center in 2016 and even more are expected this summer. If you would like to volunteer or donate, click here to visit the center's website