A homeless camp along Roosevelt Row sprouted up in recent weeks, but the City of Phoenix put a stop to that Wednesday.

"Every morning we've been harassed by the police," said Renea Romine, who is homeless.

City officials said neighbors were complaining and outreach teams made several visits, but finally police had a legal reason to move the homeless group away from the high-rise, high-rent apartments near Roosevelt and Third streets.

"It's usually peaceful, quiet and safe," said William Taylor, who is homeless. "Most of us try not to mess with the people living around us."

Police and social service workers cleared them out Wednesday morning.

It took the city weeks to figure out which law, if any, the homeless were breaking by staying on the island art exhibit on the north side of the intersection.

"We have to leave. If that's the law, yes." Taylor said.

Taylor used a broom to help clean up the area before moving on.

The public space is part art exhibit, but it's not a park. Phoenix officials finally decided the people staying there were camping on city property, which is against a city ordinance.

"Neighbors brought the growing encampment concerns to the city, including that the space may be a public health hazard due to unsanitary conditions by the people choosing to sleep there," a city spokesperson said in a statement.

But homeless advocates in Phoenix see it differently.

"I see the effects of a city that has not made affordable housing a priority," said Staci Champion.

The homeless 12 News spoke to said the county homeless campus, an option for them to sleep, is dangerous, especially for women. With downtown Phoenix's Burton Barr Library shut down for repairs until next summer, they've lost a place to go during the day.

Police told them to move east on Roosevelt Street, farther out of downtown.