PHOENIX — A newborn baby was dropped off at a Phoenix fire station Monday morning, according to officials.

Around 9:30 a.m. on April 15, a woman gave an unharmed newborn boy to firefighters at Fire Station 25 near 63rd Avenue and Indian School Road, Phoenix fire said. Authorities revealed that firefighters at the station were working out when the woman rang the doorbell.

According to a fire department official, the boy is healthy and believed to be less than three days old. 

The woman, who remained anonymous, identified herself as a friend of the infant's mother and asked firefighters to take the child, Phoenix fire said. 

Officials say the woman explained that the boy’s mother felt she could not care for him and asked that he be taken to the fire station's Safe Haven. 

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Upon receiving the baby, firefighters assessed him as a precaution and then transported him to Phoenix Children's Hospital for further evaluation.

The Phoenix Fire Department is a Safe Haven provider in conjunction with the Arizona Safe Haven law. All of the 58 Phoenix fire stations are Safe Havens for infants born up to three days old and a firefighter must be present to receive the child.