SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - Enough is enough. Hundreds of teachers, parents and students lined Scottsdale streets Tuesday.

They say they want the school board superintendent out.

The Scottsdale Unified School District is in turmoil, because so many people are upset with the district's leadership. The rally outside of Coronado High School Tuesday, was a public outcry demanding Dr. Denise Birdwell step down.

Since Dr. Birdwell took over in January 2016, the district has been plagued with one controversy after another. The Scottsdale School District is in the middle of two investigations right now. One is by the district hired attorney and another by the Arizona Attorney General's Office.

There are ethical concerns over how construction contracts were arranged and questions regarding conflict of interest.

In addition, district employees accused the board of "sidestepping contractual obligations, leaving teachers and parents out of the loop." As a result, several long-time teachers like Rony Assali, are leaving or have already left and others are plain fed up.

"We've been coming to governing board meeting for years and we've been giving public comments about the concerns," Assali said. "And they've blatantly ignored it and not listened to it, so we feel like this makes more of an impact so the community can understand the frustration verses talking to people who are choosing not to listen anyway."

One staff member who announced her resignation after 25 years in the district is an Arizona Teacher of the Year. Christine Porter Marsh says she did not want to leave.

"It broke my heart to make the decision to leave SUSD," Marsh said. "I am not leaving for a pay raise; in fact, I will probably net less money than I do now. I want to work in a collaborative district in which the students' best interests are always at the forefront, while still honoring teachers' voices and input."

In 2017, Dr. Birdwell told 12 News she is committed to making changes in the best interest of teachers and to improve student performance. She denies she has acted unethically.

But teachers say the environment of SUSD is quickly declining. "I feel like they hate teachers," one first grade educator said. "That's what we feel like and that's why we're here."

More than 1,000 people have also signed a petition on, calling for the superintendent to step down.