PHOENIX - It's hard to imagine just how close Thor, a young black shepherd, recently came to losing his life.

"He was brought in by a DPS officer who I believe actually watched him get hit by a car," said Dr. Bill Linney, a surgeon with Phoenix Veterinarian Referral.

The trooper first brought Thor to an emergency care facility in the East Valley, but due to his injuries, they couldn't find a shelter able to take him in -- or to take in another dog who'd also been hit by a car that same day.

That's when the facility called the Animal Benefits Club.

"They said that these beautiful dogs were there and they did not want them to be euthanized and asked if we would we be able to help," said Andra Jeffress, the executive director of the Animal Benefits Club of Arizona.

ABC, as it’s known, is a non-profit that's passion is taking on the most desperate animal rescue cases.

They take animals when nobody else can or will.

ABC got to work by taking Thor to Dr. Linney.

"He was not using his back end at all," said Dr. Linney when asked about Thor's condition.

With two broken legs, one bone almost completely shattered and an uncertain future, Thor was in need of physical and emotional support.

Enter Petunia.

"He literally can't get close enough to her," said Dr. Linney.

Petunia was the other dog rescued by ABC after being hit by a car the same day as Thor.

The two puppies are now inseparable, cuddling and comforting each other as they recover under Linney's care.

"They just adore each other and maybe it's because they went through something so horrible at the same time," said Jeffress, "I don't know, but they're just darling together."

Thor and Petunia are thought to only be a few months old and both are expected to make full recoveries.

Thor, however, is more severely injured and will need a few costly surgeries to get there.

"He's a very young dog and still has his baby teeth," said Jeffress. "He's going to be massive in size and has the disposition of an angel. He's just wonderful, and it would have been a tragedy to euthanize this dog. He's just amazing."

ABC is now helping to raise the $3,600 needed to pay for Thor's surgeries.

ABC is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization, so any money donated will go directly towards his care.

With their help and Petunia by his side, Thor's future is definitely looking a lot brighter.

For more information on how to help with Thor's recovery follow this link.

The group already has a general donating button but was hoping to have a donate button dedicated to Thor by Monday.

Neither Thor nor Petunia was microchipped or had any other identification.