MESA, Ariz. - As Oklahoma teachers start day three of strikes and no school in the fight for higher pay, Arizona teachers rallied together Wednesday.

Before the bell even rang, teachers, holding signs and wearing red, were outside of several Valley schools standing together for the same message. Then, they walked into their classrooms together at their normally scheduled times.

Arizona is just one of several states across the country where teachers are mobilizing efforts. Similar movements are happening in West Virginia, Oklahoma and Kentucky.

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Arizona teachers say they're not backing down from the Red for Ed movement. The educators say they want parents and others driving around to see their message and understand why they're fighting for higher wages and money for students in the classroom.

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Arizona ranks 43rd in average teacher pay as of 2016, at about $47,000 a year, according to the National Education Association.

Last Wednesday, about 2,500 teachers rallied at Arizona's State Capitol demanding a 20-percent raise from Gov. Doug Ducey and the state legislature.

Ducey said he's sticking with the current plan.