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Parents march with children in peaceful Phoenix rally

The idea of the peaceful rally was to spark meaningful conversations with kids and their families about race and racism.

PHOENIX — As we approach the third week of demonstrations across the country following the death of George Floyd, protestors of all ages are now hoping to spread their message. 

On Saturday in downtown Phoenix, parents planned a kid-friendly march in hopes of helping them understand what's been going on in the world around them. The idea of the peaceful rally was to spark meaningful conversations with kids and their families about race and racism.

"It's important that we understand that we need to treat everyone with love and respect," Eric Bailey, one of the organizers said.

Bailey and Rudy Burgess say the idea stemmed from a Facebook post about how many parents are looking for ways to help their kids understand the protests and rallies happening around the world. As dads, they want to guide their children toward answers that center around kindness and equality.

"You know, my kids are asking me about what's going on a TV and we're trying to answer those questions and educate them, it's a protest about Black Lives Matter," Burgess said. 

He says this environment helps paint a picture to better explain things like bullying and racism on a kid-friendly level. Many young children and others supporting the event took the stage to discuss equality and educate kids about being kind to everyone no matter their background.

"It could help the ways kids think about racism," 12-year-old Jarem said. 

They say this march demonstrated that kindness and equality go hand in hand. Even Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams shared words of wisdom with our community’s youth.

"Eric talked a little bit about. I don't know, but I want to understand, if we can come to that place, we'll move past the pain and the hurt to get to the heart of what's happening, it's going to take all of us," the chief said.

Families from all walks of life marched for roughly a mile, hoping to be another part of the historic movement to better mankind, some even before adulthood.


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