Jesinia Valdez has strong and callused hands. The cabinet maker spends hours and hours almost every day cutting, sanding and assembling cabinets.

Her shop is tucked in the back of a large industrial strip mall in the central part of Phoenix. Last month, Valdez was hard at work in her shop when her estranged husband came by.

“He just walked into the building and started shooting at her,” said Silent Witness Det. Mike Fischer.

Jesinia Valdez was hit seven times in the head, neck, back, hand and leg.

“When she was on the ground, he just kept shooting,” said Jesinia’s sister.

Amazingly, Valdez survived her injuries and is now recovering.

Police are now looking for 43-year-Ramon Mendez in connection with the shooting. Investigators believe Mendez used a .22-caliber hand gun to shoot his wife. Police believe Mendez thought he killed his wife when he shot her and took off.

Jesinia ‘s sister was only a feet away when her sister was shot.

“When I got to my sister I thought she had died. I was crying and crying, I said, 'Please don’t die,'” said Jesinia’s sister.

The warehouse Jesinia works out of is riddled with bullet holes in the door and crates. The front door and loading dock are now always locked just in case Mendez decides to come back.

“Every night I can’t sleep. It is difficult for me,” said Jesinia’s sister.

Jesinia Valdez is also worried her estranged husband could come back and says he has been sending her threatening text messages following the shooting.

Police are not sure if Mendez is still in Arizona or even the country for that matter. There is a reward being offered for his arrest and conviction. If you can help catch Mendezm you are urged to call Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS (948-6377).