PHOENIX - Jeffrey Bellamare had just enjoyed a Thanksgiving meal with his family. His wife and kids had the traditional feast with all the trimmings.

That evening, Bellamare went to work his security job at an apartment complex in Maryvale.

“I never really worried about him," said his son, Kyle Bellamare.

That Thanksgiving meal was back in 2013, it was the last time Kyle would see his dad. That morning, in the early hours, someone shot and killed Jeffrey Bellamare.

Phoenix Police day two people, a man and a woman, were seen running from the complex.

"Someone knows something," said Phoenix Police Sergeant Vince Lewis.

Police said they believe whoever killed Bellamare knew him.

"He had a lot of contacts with people at the complex," said Sgt. Lewis.

Described as a hard charger who took his job seriously, it's possible an angry tenant or former tenant could have killed him.

The family is hoping someone will eventually come forward to provide closure.

"It makes you angry, that someone would hurt such a caring and loving person," said Kyle Bellamare.

If you think you may know anything that could help solve this murder, you are urged to call Phoenix Police or Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS (948-6377)