NEW RIVER, Ariz. - It was a night of family fun. Roman and Dawn Fernandez along with the adult kids went out to drinks and dinner at the Roadrunner Saloon in New River.

“It was awesome. We had such a good time,” said Dawn Fernandez.

As the sun started to set, Dawn decided to call it a night. But Roman and his son stayed behind.

“I kissed (Roman) goodbye and watched him walk back inside,” said Dawn Fernandez.

This all happened on July 25, 2015. About three hours later, a fight broke out at the bar. Roman Fernandez tried to break things up when he was stabbed.

“It was a big bar fight. A bunch of people were fighting,” said Silent Witness Detective Mike Fischer.

Roman’s son carried him out to the parking lot. There was blood all over his clothes.

“He called and said ‘Dad is dead,’ he screamed into the phone,” said Dawn Fernandez.

Investigators interviewed several witnesses, but they couldn’t come up with a suspect.

The family believes someone who was there that night knows something and is either afraid or unwilling to talk with police. If you have any information about the fight or the murder you are urged to call Silent Witness at 480-witness 480-948-6377.

You could receive a $1,000 reward.