PHOENIX - It's been a year since the construction began on Loop 202 South Mountain Freeway.

"It's going to help alleviate some of the traffic congestion we're seeing in the Valley, particularly along Interstate 10, through downtown (Phoenix) which is one of the most congested freeway areas on our state highway system," said Dustin Krugel with Arizona Department of Transportation.

Krugel said the freeway is over 35 percent complete.

"We're on target right now to have the freeway open by 2019," Krugel said.

As construction continues, there will be more traffic restrictions and closures motorists will have to be ready for.

"One of the biggest changes is going to occur in the next couple months along Interstate 10 in the west Valley," Krugel said. "We're replacing and connecting some of the ramps that connect to and from the west Valley."

ADOT crews will permanently close and restructure many ramps to make room for the Loop 202-Interstate 10 interchange.

"Motorists that are traveling along Interstate 10, are going to start to see some ramp closures between 51st Avenue and 67th Avenue," Krugel said.

This will all happen within the next nine months.

"For motorists that travel from one end of the Valley to the other, this is going to bring significant travel time savings," Krugel said.

Motorists will be saving about 25 minutes of driving time and that's a significant amount of time.

"There's no doubt that South Mountain freeway is going to be heavily used and it's going to help connect motorists to their loved ones, to business, it's going to make a huge benefit for the Valley," Krugel said.

For more on closures and restrictions head to ADOT's website Loop 202 South Mountain Freeway page.