Even 6,200 miles away from the big game, the three vital ingredients of any Super Bowl party are food, fans and football.

Team 12’s Paul Gerke set out to find those ingredients while in South Korea covering the Olympics. He found them at Tailgate Tavern.

Tailgate Tavern is the most authentic American sports bar Pyeongtaek, South Korea has to offer. Owner Austin Cornell started a tour here in 2002 and never left.

“In Seoul they have quite a few bars, lots of variety. But down here they didn't have so much. I was kind of tired of going downtown,” Cornell said. “A lot of places came close but just didn't have that back home feel. I basically wanted to put something up that me and my friends would like to go to.”

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Over 150 people packed the place for last year's Super Bowl.

"It was way too crowded," Cornell said.

But this year there was a slightly more humble crowd, with a heavy Eagles bias.

Aside for some South Koreans seeking authentic American comfort food, Tailgate Tavern's typical clientele is mostly military, like Ben Gottlieb, a New Jersey native who found a little slice of home on the other side of the world.

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