Rio will be the third Olympics for USA Archery’s Brady Ellison, but he is still targeting that elusive gold medal.

Ellison has grown up in the sport and recently married a fellow archer from Slovenia. As part of growing up, he's become more focused.

"Getting older you have more tournaments in you and you really only start living for the Olympics," said Ellison.

He's been working towards the Olympics since he was a teenager.

Growing up in Globe, Arizona, he always had a passion for the outdoors. He picked up a bow at an early age and realized at 16, he could be the best.

"I was more excited to shoot my bow than to go to school," Ellison said. "It was the next step I wanted to take and I was excited about it."

He made the tough choice to leave his family and move to California to train for Team USA.

"My mom still gives me a hard time that, 'You were so excited to leave me,'" said Ellison. "I was excited to shoot, I don't know if it was to leave her."

Looking back on that enthusiastic teenager, Ellison sees a different person.

"I was so excited. Probably a little more cocky," he said. "You know I was 16, number one in the U.S., my first Olympic team…conquer the world."

However, that cockiness was soon put in check.

"As a 16 year old coming in, you think you know everything in the world like every teenager does. You are kind of an immature little kid," said Ellison. "You come in here and everyone puts you in your place right here and now and says, 'You are no longer at home. You're here to work. Grow up.' And I think that within the first year I truly went from being a 16-year-old kid to someone training for the Olympics as an adult."

He didn't get a medal at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, and brought home a silver team medal from London in 2012.

But he never got his individual gold.

Leading up to Rio, his training has intensified. Ellison said there's no truck, it's just honing technique.

"This year for the first time everything meshed," he said.

Having a little more life under his belt is helping too.

"Now I'm a little more reserved, a little more realistic about things, a lot more business-like," said Ellison.

In addition, he's more focused and has a more rounded approach.

"Technique-wise I'm back to where I was in 2011 when I was shooting as good as I was. I'm doing it on purpose now; it's not just happening. In 2011, it was just happening," Ellison said.

And he thinks he's got what it takes.

"Hopefully gold will be there. Everyone says third time is the charm. We'll see."