Precious is a nine-year-old with a deep appreciation of the classics.

Like many children, Precious loves Disney movies. But, when asked to name a favorite, she doesn’t rattle off recent blockbusters just as Moana or Frozen.

“My favorite Disney movie is Bambi,” says the soft-spoken fourth-grader. “It has my favorite bunny, Thumper.”

Her love for animals extends beyond the silver screen. Precious would like to be a zoo keeper or animal trainer when she grows up.

“I would like to be a zookeeper because they have lots of animals and I love animals,” she says. “I would really love to be a trainer at Sea World. I would like to swim with the dolphins.”

Meanwhile, Precious says she likes to draw and play video games, especially Minecraft “because you get to build stuff.”

Precious also likes being outdoors.

“My favorite thing to do outside is to ride bikes or Rollerblade,” she says.

Precious recently took a yoga class and found a new passion.

“Yoga really helps you focus,” she says.

That focus is apparently paying off in the classroom.

“Precious is doing really well in school this year,” says Ashleigh Pierce, a Wendy’s Wonderful Kids adoption recruiter with Aid to Adoption of Special Kids (AASK).

Precious would do well in a forever family in which she could get a lot of individual attention, says Pierce, adding “it could be a two-parent family or a single-parent family.”

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