CHANDLER, Ariz. - The mother of a teen facing charges in connection with an alleged hazing scandal at Hamilton High School is claiming her son's innocence. Felicia Gillespie says there is a video on Twitter proving her son's innocence and she is frustrated with the narrative about her son.

"This whole entire case frustrates me. The fact that my son was locked up and exposed to everything over the last nine months frustrates me," Gillespie said while standing with an entourage of friends and family before a scheduled board meeting at the Chandler Unified School District office.

A video surfaced this week on Twitter from an account with the handle @Justicefornate7

The video identifies one of the alleged victims as someone who's first name is present in the initial Chandler police report.

"He didn't stick his fingers up anybody's booty," a male subject in the video says.

"Can you say that louder?" asks a female voice who appears to be shooting the video on a phone.

"He didn't stick his fingers up anybody's booty, you heard me," the male says.

A follow up question from the female: "He did not do the Hamilton hazing?"

"No," the male said.

"OK, perfect," says the female.

Thomas' mother, Felicia, addressed the video to reporters at the meeting.

"In the video, he states that Nate is innocent, recanting his original statement. My child is being used as a scapegoat," Gillespie said.

WATCH: Mother of alleged suspect Nathaniel Thomas says her son is innocent

Gillespie also said there are inconsistencies in her son's case, but refused to say what those inconsistencies are. After being asked to elaborate on the subject, a voice from the background spoke up: "The inconsistency is that Nate wasn't the only one."

Gillespie quickly told the person not to say anything else and they would not be answering further questions without counsel. As for their attorney, Gillespie says she is attempting to fire Kenneth Countryman but there is a snag in the court preventing that from happening right now.

As for that Twitter video, Chandler police confirmed to 12 News they are investigating its validity.%INLINE%