Step 1


· 2 oz lemons, skinned, de-seeded, fruit ¼” dice

· 2 oz limes, skinned, fruit ¼” dice

· ¼ cp lemon Juice, fresh squeezed

· ¼ cp lime Juice, fresh squeezed

· ½ lb fresh scallop meat, drained, small dice

  • ½ lb fresh shrimp meat, cleaned, deveined, drained


  1. Place lemon & lime pieces, with fresh squeezed juice in plastic bowl.
  2. Add scallop and shrimp meat and mix thoroughly.
  3. Gently press meat down into juice so that all the scallop and shrimp is covered.
  4. Place a lid on container and let marinate MINIMUM 12 HOURS/ NO MORE THAN 24 HOURS in refrigerator.
  5. Once it has been marinating at least 12 hours, then drain excess juice from marinade through fine mesh strainer, place in mixing bowl and add step 2 ingredient mix.

Step 2


· 4 oz jicama, peeled, fresh, ¼” dice

· 2 oz red onion, cleaned, ¼” dice

· ½ oz fresh jalapeno, deseed, washed, de-stem, minced

· 4 oz Roma tomato, washed, cored, ¼” dice

· 4 oz mango, ¼” dice

· ¼ oz cilantro, fresh, chopped

· 1 tbsp Cholula hot sauce

· 2 ¼ tsp kosher salt

· 4 oz avocado, ¼” dice


1. Place jicama, red onion, jalapeno, tomatoes, mango and cilantro in small mixing bowl and using rubber spatula, mix ingredients well.

2. Place in plastic bowl and reserve for adding to marinated seafood after seafood has marinated for at least 12 hours.

3. Mix the marinated seafood with the jicama mixtures.

4. Add Cholula, salt and avocado to mix and incorporate without breaking down the avocado as best you can.

5. Place in glass bowl to serve.