PHOENIX - Arizona is known for its classic sunrises and sunsets but the trick is making that photo you want to share on social media really stand out.

We spoke with Gerry Groeber, an award-winning photographer, to see how to snap that special Arizona moment known as a sunset.

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“They don’t last very long so if you are going to be out there, make sure you get there a little early," Groeber said. "Make sure your settings are right because you don’t have time to be fiddling around and figure out your camera."

Once you are in place and set-up you have to wait for that perfect time.

“There is this magic moment when the sun starts to hit the horizon and just before it dips below the horizon it’s going to light up the clouds,” he said.

While Groeber uses a professional camera, he said there are plenty of things you can do to get a perfect sunset shot on your smart-phone at what Groeber calls the "magic moment."

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Here are a few things Groeber recommends for phone photographers:

- Make sure your horizon is level when you are shooting your sunsets
- Move around try some different angles
- Make sure you have a great foreground
- If you have an HDR setting, set it on that

When considering snapping that sunset photo in HDR make sure you know what it does.

“You're going to get some silhouettes [if you have HDR off], so if you want to put a cactus foreground or something like that in front of you with the sunset behind, your shot is going to look a lot better,” Groeber said.

But if you have HDR on he recommends capturing different exposures and blending them all together.

"You’ll get some detail in your foreground," he said. "It’s great technology especially to be in an iPhone.”

But Groeber said the main key to getting a sunset shot is to have your camera with you. And he reminds people that when they are starting out it will take time to master those shots.

“Keep practicing, shoot every night, especially in the summer when we have monsoon," he said. "It is sometimes overwhelming. We get so many fantastic sunsets.”

If you want to be inspired to get outside and start shooting check out some of Groeber's professional shots on his FaceBook page or his website at

While your picture might not be the same quality as his expensive camera, with his tips you should be able to snap a pretty neat shot that everyone will like.

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