Remember the golden rule when it comes to leaving things inside your car in Arizona: You should never, ever leave anything inside your car that is living, including pets and people.

And that includes the months of October through April when it is much cooler here in the state.

It can be dangerous all year long -- that's why we tell people to never leave any person or animal in the car -- but especially now.

That's because it can heat up so fast. Our temperature today is going to be 95 degrees. In five minutes, the inside your car can go to 110 degrees. And in 15 minutes, your car can get to 122 degrees. At 30 minutes, your car can get to 128 degrees. And at 60 minutes, your car can get all the way to 135 degrees if the outside temperature is 95.

So you can see why it is so dangerous. Even if the car is running and the air is on, you should never leave any living thing in the car.