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Toads taking over your yard? You're not alone

Monsoon storms have brought out mosquitoes, moths, and toads.

MESA, Ariz. — Marie Lombardi has seen a new set of neighbors move into her East Mesa home -- toads, and lots of them.

“Millions of them. They are all over the place," Lombardi said.

While millions of these amphibians may be a stretch, some neighbors described seeing a line of frogs hop around their property. Clumps of toads took up residence in fountains.

"I have never seen this many frogs in forever," Lombardi said.

Bradley Lawrence with the Phoenix Zoo said the influx of rain, coupled with lower temperatures and more food are providing a breeding ground for toads.

Most toads are practically harmless in Arizona, with one major exception.

"The Sonoran Desert Toad is probably the top of the list,” Lawrence said.

The Sonoran Desert Toad secretes toxins from its body. The poison can be enough to kill a dog or a small child. Thankfully, the toads are easy to recognize because they are three times bigger than the average toad.

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