The monsoon is officially here, and while we continue to wait for the storms to make their way into the Valley, some creepy critters are also sure to make their appearance along with the rain. Insects love this time of year, so here's what experts like Mike Boyle with Burns Pest Elimination says to watch for this season.

"You won't miss it when thousands of ants fly into your yard," Boyle said.

Boyle tells 12 News, when ant and termite colonies get too crowded, they'll hunt for new real estate.


"That female is going to go land somewhere, hopefully not in your yard, and she's going to start a new colony," he said.

Boyle says those are the first two on his list, and they love the long, warm, humid days that are ahead here in Arizona.

"You have to be vigilant because what you don't want to do is have a termite or ant colony starting in your yard," he added.

At No. 3, thirsty for your blood, mosquitos love the standing water that the monsoon leaves behind.

"A lot of our mosquitoes come from our washes. The washes flood and the eggs get wet, those eggs can stay in the mud for a year or two," Boyle said.

No. 4 on the list, those chirping crickets that might show up in your garage or even in your bathtub.

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But the No. 5 unwanted guest does a really good job freaking out the masses.

"Termites cause way more structural damage than scorpions ever will, but scorpions are scary, and people get worried about their pets and kids and things like that," he added.

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So what’s the best way to beat the bugs this summer? Boyle says stay savvy with lawn care.

"If you maintain a clean well-put, well-maintained yard, that's going to solve half your issues," he said.

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