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The do's and don'ts of sandbags for monsoon season

There’s a wrong, right and new way to protect your home from flood waters.


- Fill each sandbag one-half to two-thirds full
- Stack by staggering like bricks
- Place tied end of sandbag facing away from your home
- Stack 1-2 layers high but if you’re in a flood-prone area make it 3-5 layers


- Overfill -- this leaves gaps water can get through where the bags are budging
- Stack one directly on top of another -- this leaves gaps between bags
- Place tied end toward home -- this could break, sending not only flood water but sand into your home


- New gel “sandbags” can be purchased at most home improvement stores
- A chemical reaction inside the bag causes it to swell up when water hits and shrinks back down in four days when conditions are dry
- Lightweight and easy to move and place
- Stacking not necessary
- No mess and no maintenance
- Available in different sizes to protect different parts of your home
- Environmentally friendly option which can be reused year after year

Editor's Note: This was originally published in 2016.

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