The monsoon is when Arizona is covered by blinding and dangerous dust storms and massive thunderstorms. The 12 News exclusive Monsoon Meter is a tool you can count on to help predict the storms.

So what is it all about? The Monsoon Meter was developed by 12 News meteorologists to be able to see the monsoon threat around the state with one quick view.

The meter scale ranges from zero, which would indicate no weather activity to a ten, meaning conditions are right for severe/widespread activity for the given region.

Thunderstorm/rain chances are not the only factors that go into the Monsoon Meter. The chance of strong winds, flooding, dust storms and lightning also play a large role in the meter.

For example, if storms in the White Mountains are not forecasts to make it into the Phoenix valley the monsoon meter may still be high for Phoenix due the possibility of strong winds/dust.

The main weather concerns each day are highlighted in the corner of the Monsoon Meter to keep you aware of what to expect.

You can find the Monsoon Meter air with each newscast or head over to for the very latest monsoon conditions.