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Monsoon storm leaves Scottsdale home flooded

Storms brought heavy rain, strong winds and lightning to Valley turning one Scottsdale resident's home into a pool of water.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Monsoon 2021 hit hard, leaving some areas with more damage than others. 

In Scottsdale, we’ve seen downed trees and flooded roadways, but the damage left behind reaches far beyond washes and roads.

Storms brought heavy rain, strong winds and lightning to Valley. It left the roads near Continental Golf Course in Scottsdale flooded and littered with uprooted trees. 

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“It was just swirling around,” Bill Doinoff said. “The water was horizontal. It was kind of like machine guns hitting the windows and stuff.” 

It was some of the wildest weather Doinoff had seen in a while.   

“It was just shaking and cracking and everything was flooded," he said.

One driver had to get rescued after getting stuck in the floodwaters near Osborn and Thomas. 

The rain turned Scottsdale resident Stacey Bailey's home into a pool of water.

"My night took a completely different turn from what I expected,” she said. "It’s a mess…it feels very dream-like, now that I haven’t slept." 

The storm took a toll on the home she just moved into 4 days ago.   

"The lightning and thunder were just simultaneous over the place, so it was the center of that storm,” she said. “Within 20 to 30 minutes, just sheets of water were flowing in from under the door.”

"I got a blanket, I got towels, I got T-shirts… I tried to make a sandbag out of kitty litter."

Everything that Bailey tried failed. Water started coming in under the refrigerator and baseboards until, ultimately, her home was ruined.

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"My Korean floor bed floated on over away from the wall,” Bailey said.  

Her belongings were left in shambles. Now, she’s trying to salvage what she can.

“I’m trying to dry certain things you know, a gift for my niece," Bailey said.  

She has no idea if insurance will cover any of it yet, but for the time being, Stacey is just thankful she’s safe.  

“I’m okay, the cat’s okay,” she said. “I am grateful for the rain, and its material things."

You can donate to the family's GoFundMe here.

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