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12 News Monsoon Special: Lightning fossils, science labs and aircraft weather radar

The 12 News Weather Team gives us the details on everything you need to know for the monsoon.
Credit: Ryan Cody

PHOENIX — 12 News hosted a special Sunday to get viewers ready for Monsoon 2019. The 12 News Weather Team gives us the details on everything you need to know for the monsoon.

Aircraft weather radar developed and tested in Arizona

Ever wonder what it would be like to fly through a monsoon storm? Honeywell has designed a special aircraft in Phoenix that does just that! 

It tests the latest weather radar and equipment that will go on aircraft you and I fly in. The test aircraft pushes weather technology to the extreme to earn a place on planes. 

Arizona Science Lab brings weather to life for students

We can learn a lot from the weather this time of year. Whether it's lightning, water power or solar energy, volunteers with the Arizona Science Lab have something fun and interactive to bring learning to life. 

Experiments and demonstrations include the Van de Graf generator, water wheel and solar-powered cars that students can participate in and help create!

Where to find lightning fossils

Yes, there is such a thing! They're called fulgurites and Terry Boswell of Quartzsite is a master hunter! He's been sifting through the sand near the Colorado River, discovering thousands over the years. 

Fulgurites form when lightning strikes damp sand and melts it together into a glassy tube. The outside of the tubes is rough, covered in sand, minerals and even rocks. 

Finding fulgurites is rare but the right kind of sand and erosion has made that area a gold mine of fulgurites. Boswell first discovered them while searching for meteorites, petrified wood and gold in the area. Now he has quite a collection and even a museum full of it all!

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