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Winter storm going out with a bitter bang

Rain and snow showers will continue on Tuesday, then the departing winter storm will cue the cold.

PHOENIX — Statewide rain and snow showers will continue on Tuesday. 

Snow levels will crash down to around 2,000 feet! 

By the end of the event Tuesday evening, many higher elevation neighborhoods will have a snow depth of 1-3 feet with several inches of snow at the lower levels.

As the showers taper off and the winter storm makes its exit, it’ll leave a calling card of extra cold temps. 

Wednesday morning wakeup temperatures could fall to freezing for several Valley neighborhoods with some below zero readings up north!

Another low pressure system will have its sights set on Arizona at the end of the workweek and into the weekend. 

This will send in another round of rain and snow for the state.

TUESDAY: 40/54 mostly cloudy, breezy, chance of showers

WEDNESDAY: 35/60 mostly sunny

THURSDAY: 38/65 mostly cloudy

FRIDAY: 45/66 mostly cloudy, chance of showers

SATURDAY: 43/61 partly sunny, chance of morning showers

SUNDAY: 40/67 sunny

MONDAY: 43/69 partly cloudy

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