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More heat may mean more bugs

Bugs need a break from the heat too; unfortunately they may seek respite in your home.

PHOENIX – Record-breaking heat may be to blame for more bugs.

The service manager of Insectek Pest Solutions, Gerrit Millet, said Wednesday, people weren’t the only ones looking to get a break from the scorching rays.

“Yeah, it definitely does drive out a lot more activity,” Millet said.

Millet said summers were his busiest time of year, with monsoon rain driving the creepy crawlies out of their homes and into your own.

It turns out the dry days we’ve seen with record-breaking triple digits were also keeping this North Phoenix pest control company busy, with a 30 percent increase in business.

“We’re getting a lot more calls for scorpions, ants as well as termites,” Millet said.

Millet explained the bugs were out, “to try to find water, cooler temperatures as well as other food sources.”

The service manager said about all homeowners could do to keep them away was keep the bushes and trees on their property trimmed and treat their homes for pests regularly.

He recommended homeowners get rid of a few bugs by themselves, especially if they may sting, but call a professional if there's an infestation.