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Here's what happens to your car in extreme heat

When the high heat rolls into the Valley, it not only can be dangerous to the human body, but also your car. 

Not only do extreme temperatures have a potentially dangerous effect on the human body, they can do some serious damage to your vehicle, if you’re not careful.

This is what high heat can do to your car if you don’t take the proper precautions:


Extremely hot temperature can damage the rubber of your tires, especially if they are improperly inflated.
Heat causes them to dry out and can be a recipe for a blowout.

If your tire is over-inflated, the center of your tire will wear faster than the outer edges and vice versa.
Check your tire pressure to make sure they are riding on a more even surface area.


The battery of your car is composed of both water and acid. When temperatures start to heat up, the water in the battery will evaporate faster, leaving the lead plates exposed.

When the weather turns cold again, your battery will no longer have the amperage to start the car.

Make sure to keep your car in the shade as much as you can.


A hot engine needs all the lubrication it can get, so making sure you change the oil when necessary is important in the summer months.

If you are taking even more road trips in the summer, more frequent changes may be necessary.


Low coolant levels in high heat can kill your engine. Also be aware that if you have a damaged radiator or hoses, coolant may leak causing your engine temperature to rise even more.

Always keep an eye on vehicle’s temperature gage.


Gas evaporates quicker in a hot vehicle than it does in a cold one. Keeping your car in a garage or shade as much as possible will improve your fuel economy.

High temperatures in the Valley can have an impact on your vehicle, even potentially fatal ones. Make sure to take proper precaution in the summer months to keep yourself and your car safe from the heat.

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