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How drivers can get their car prepped for post-pandemic and summer driving

There are just three things every vehicle owner can do now to keep their car running all summer long.

PHOENIX — You’ve probably been driving a lot less these days with the stay at home order still in effect. 

The weather heating up can put more stress on your car. Thankfully, there are just three things every vehicle owner can do now to keep their car running all summer long. 

First, if your battery is about two or so years old, you are going to want to bring it in for a state health check. 

“Batteries don’t like extreme cold or extreme heat," Dave Martin, president of Martins Auto in Phoenix, said. "In Arizona, we have extreme heat. When it gets hot out and that battery is weak, it will fail.”

Your battery may also be running low if you haven’t driven much during the pandemic.

Second, you are going to want to get your tires looked at. When it’s 100 degrees outside, the pavement is about 160 degrees, Martin said. 

“When the roads get really hot, and your tires are not in good shape, that’s when they’re going to separate and come apart,” he said. “This is why you see more tire carcasses on the road in the summertime.”

Third, your car’s cooling system must be on point. 

“Here in Arizona, your cooling system has to be working very efficiently," Martin said. "If it doesn’t, you're going to end up having an overheating problem and run the high risk of doing engine damage. Engine repairs are the most expensive repairs you are going to make."

Also, you should get your A/C unit checked. While it won’t leave you stranded, it sure could make for a long ride on a summer day if it goes out. 

Finally, check your tire pressure, especially if your car has been parked for a significant period of time.


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