Summer is here and that only means one thing for Phoenix residents.

The heat is in full swing!

Every year as the calendar turns to June, Valley residents reluctantly welcome back the triple-digit temperatures and prepare for the long battle with the heat.

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And if you've spent any time in the Valley of the Sun during the summer, you know the heat can ruin almost any outdoor activity and create a wide range of problems.

Including, but not limited to, these all-to-relatable problems.

Not being able to touch a steering wheel without protective gear

Running to your office before bursting into flames

When your bath water is cooler than the pool water

Not leaving your house without a bottle of water in your car

Burning your thighs on any leather car seat

That moment when you realize you forgot to put your sunshade up in your car

Trying to eat ice cream before it turns to mush

Packing a sweater in June because your co-workers set the A/C to "freezing"

When you park in the back of the parking lot just to get the shady spot

The moment when you step outside at 9 p.m. and it's still 90 degrees

Shade is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning

When it's over 105 degrees and you have plans that require leaving your house

Living through a Phoenix summer is a badge of honor many Valley residents proudly wear. And with the Valley expected to hit 120 degrees next week, the struggle with the heat is officially here.