Coping with the heat is a collective burden for Valley residents.

We do it because we love this city, but that doesn't mean we don't get to complain.

Summers can be a real struggle in more ways than one. Actually, there's about 12 ways we can think of that we struggle with the heat.

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Can you relate?

1. "But it's a dry heat," friends and family in other states will taunt.

2. The electricity bill gets ridiculous. We find every opportunity to save electricity elsewhere--anything but turning off the A/C.

3. The car. The steering wheel and the seat belt buckle just get so hot. Oven mitts are a great idea.

4. The temperature inside is never quite right, either. Movie theaters, offices, restaurants--all freezing cold.

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5. Showering all the time. So many showers.

6. The shaded parking spots are in high demand and are almost always taken.

7. We never pass up a sunscreen sale.

8. The backyard pool never cools down. In the dog days of summer the pool offers no relief.

9. We need to carry deodorant with us.

10. We have to test the limits of the company dress code to keep cool. Is there any situation when shorts and tank tops are business casual?

11. Snow days? No, Phoenix area schools have "heat days" when students are kept inside for recess.

12.‚Äč Our Easter candy melts. So does our Halloween candy. :(

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It's hot but we love you, Phoenix!