We officially have just five days left in Monsoon 2018 and this week looks relatively quiet. In fact, the Valley will likely stay dry through Saturday, and there is only an isolated chance for a storm across the higher terrain north and east of Phoenix.

Sunday into Monday we could see an influx of tropical moisture, but we will have to see how that evolves over the upcoming week. Right now it looks like we will have a few storms around on Monday.

In Phoenix, we've seen 2.56" of rain since the start of the monsoon on June 15. Typically we average 2.71" each monsoon season, so we are close to the average at Sky Harbor.

However, due to the nature of thunderstorms there are portions of the Valley that saw significantly more than the average (especially the East Valley).

Temperatures will stay two to four degrees above average through next Saturday with daily highs in the low 100s. Thursday is the hottest day with highs near 105.

TUESDAY: 80/99 sunny & dry

WEDNESDAY: 78/102 sunny

THURSDAY: 77/103

FRIDAY: 79/104

SATURDAY: 80/102

SUNDAY: 79/101 few storms

MONDAY: 78/98 few storms

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