Happy Tuesday,

Today marks 100 days without measurable precipitation here in the Valley. We will continue to stay dry with no rain in the forecast. So far, we have only seen .77 inches of rain this year. We are 2.45 inches below average for rainfall here in Phoenix so far in 2018.

Temperatures will stay below average through today before we start climbing toward the 110-degree mark to end the week. Friday could be the hottest day we've seen so far this year!

The record highs are 115 on Thursday and 116 on Friday, so we won't be setting any new record highs this week, but we still could see some heat warnings issued by midweek for the Valley.

It’s also going to get very windy to end the week. However, monsoon moisture is nowhere to be found in this 7-day forecast.

TUESDAY: 75/100 sunny

WEDNESDAY: 78/106 dry and sunny

THURSDAY: 81/110 sunny and breezy

FRIDAY: 83/112 sunny and breezy

SATURDAY: 82/105 sunny and breezy

SUNDAY: 80/102 sunny and dry

MONDAY: 79/104 sunny

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