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VIDEO: Dashcam video shows major intersection wreck on Gilbert-Mesa border

A blue truck smashed into two left-turning vehicles so hard that it was sent barreling through the air.

MESA, Ariz. — An exclusive dashcam video of a car crash sent in by a 12 News viewer shows the dangers of excessive speed at an intersection on the Mesa-Gilbert border.

On Monday, a blue truck smashed into two left-turning vehicles so hard that it was sent barreling through the air, flipping over onto its side and skidding further through the intersection.

“Based on just the video alone, you can see that the vehicle was going at an extremely high rate of speed through the intersection. it looks like there wasn’t even a chance of slowing down, or slowing for a yellow, or stopping for a read,” said Gilbert police officer Dani Covey.

It happened at the intersection of Power and Baseline roads. Mesa police say two people were injured and taken to the hospital but should be OK.

“Clearly you can see that the traffic going forward at the left turn had the green light and so there was no question about it this was a red-light violation,” Covey explained.

While Mesa police confirmed a medical issue played a role in the crash, Covey said this type of red-light crash is typically caused by distracted drivers and excessive speed.

“Whether it’s cell phones, people in the car, speed, honestly speed can be a huge factor in this because people don’t have time to stop if they’re going up to a high rate of speed.”

Covey added that between January and April of this year compared to that same period last year, Gilbert saw a decrease in the total number of accidents, but a slight increase in accidents related to a “disregarded traffic signal” and sometimes, more than one driver can be at fault.

“Speed from the oncoming traffic can also be a factor so this can be a combined factor that you have somebody may be making an improper left turn and somebody who’s speeding the other direction.”

But, there are a few steps you can take to help prevent this type of accident, steps that can save your life. The first thing you can do is look both ways, even if you have an advanced left-turn green light.

“If you stop preemptively, you’re going to prevent the collision even though it would’ve been their fault,” Covey said.

And it might seem obvious but put the cell phone down when you’re driving.

“I think in today’s world there are so many options for hands-free within the vehicle. they have different mounts, they have Bluetooth, they have everything, we’re at the point where there’s really no excuse that anybody should have a cell phone in their hands,” Covey explained.