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Valley realtor uses social media to reach clients as more buyers, sellers search online

Sammy Witherwax's Instagram series shows her followers what different budgets can get them in Valley hot spots.

PHOENIX — The Phoenix housing market is hot: We've made the list on Realtor.com for one of the top 10 markets of 2021 in the United States. 

But during a pandemic, realtors and those buying and selling homes have had to get creative.

Sammy Witherwax is a Valley realtor who uses social media in a creative way to sell homes. 

"What I do with my social media is I show a lot of behind the scenes because that's the stuff I like to see," Witherwax said. 

She embraces real estate in the digital age by using Instagram to connect with and grow her client base. 

In her newest series, Witherwax walks through Valley properties with her phone.

"I will open up the Instagram app, I'll put my favorite filter on, and I'll just start recording," she said.

She shoots, then adds snappy editing and music. Witherwax's Instagram series shows her 3,400-plus followers what different budgets can get them in Valley hot spots.

"You're able to reach so many people," she said. "You're able to build relationships all of the time. You can talk back and forth with people constantly."

And she may be onto something. 

According to a report on the National Association of Realtors website, the typical buyer last year used a mobile device to search for properties online. And social media was the best tool for getting high quality leads. The MLS was next in line.

"This is a new fun way to reach a different audience and still go back to those tried and true methods of open houses and reaching that audience," Sammy said. "So you're able to have different avenues of reaching your clients."

After getting her start in Valley real estate in 2019, Witherwax is expanding. She has more series planned to take her followers behind the scenes. 

If you find a realtor on Instagram who you're interested in connecting with, Witherwax says one of the best ways to get in touch with them is by direct message.