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One of America's most experienced astronauts doesn't believe in aliens

Arizona U.S. Senator Mark Kelly's brother, Scott Kelly, was asked by CNN if he believed in aliens. He replied with a definitive "no."

WASHINGTON — Arizona's junior U.S. Sen. Mark Kelly was an astronaut before heading to Washington D.C. His twin brother, Scott, was one, too. 

In fact, Scott has made four space flights, commanded the International Space Station three times, and spent 11 months straight on the ISS as part of a scientific study conducted by NASA to see what the long-term health effects of spaceflight were.

Scott Kelly is clearly a space veteran and if you're going to get anyone's opinion on whether or not aliens have visited Earth, his is the one to get.

When asked by CNN whether he believed in UFOs, his immediate response was a definitive "no."

"I think the distances are too great," he said. "The physics are... The nearest Earth-like planet, if we went as fast as we could, would take 80,000 years to get there."

Scott also said that he hasn't seen a convincing piece of video evidence that would change his mind.

A long-awaited UFO report was released by the U.S. government in June that seems to corroborate his opinion. The report did not find links to extraterrestrials for the 144 sightings of unexplained aircraft or other devices that were reviewed. However, the report offered few other conclusions and sighted the need for better data.

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